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Welcome to the official home of the British Timber Dog .

We are the original association of like-minded breeders and owners of wolf look alike dogs. Our BTDA breeders have many years experience thus a wide and varied knowledge of breeding.

We are affiliated to The Independent Dog Association who support us and provide our dogs database and funding for our shows, so that we can promote these wonderful dogs.

The British Timber Dog Association will  be holding shows,where all owners/breeders of B.T.D. ‘s and any other wolf look alike dogs will be welcomed. These events will be varied to cater for all dog breeds with fun classes and Kennel Club tests available.


However  beautiful wild wolves may be, that is where they deserve to stay

                                                          in the wild !!


Our goal is to create a genetically robust, wolfish looking, healthy family dog, happy going for a morning run, or lounging on your sofa !

Our registry is open to many wolf look-alike breeds and cross  breeds, that fit our criteria.

Breeders seeking to join with our goals of developing a wolf look-alike dog can apply to the committee to register their dogs for British Timber Dog  breeding  approval.

Our breeders will be happy to provide advice to members/owners.

Details of dogs eligible to be registered as a British Timber  Dog  can be found on the “Registration Criteria” page.

Please be aware,there are puppies/dogs being    advertised as British Timber Dogs .

Dogs must have a pedigree with  B.T.D.             Association embossed on it.

We hold the database for genuine / true                       British Timber Dogs.

We have arranged for British Timber Dogs to be included on the KC Petlog breed list.